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Homeopathy was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who lived from 1755-1843

He first caught a glimpse of the principles of homeopathy when he tested the theory that Peruvian bark (the natural source of quinine) cured malaria because of its bitterness. After taking Peruvian bark repeatedly, he came down with malarial-type symptoms. This experiment showed that natural substances can change the state of people’s health, just as diseases do: Peruvian bark changed Hahnemann’s state of health in the same way that malaria would. From this, Hahnemann discovered that Peruvian bark (also known as China or Cinchona) could cure cases of malaria.

When a person falls ill, he or she comes down with a set of symptoms affecting his or her mind, emotions, and body, to one degree or another. Homeopathy treats the person’s illness by giving him or her a remedy that best matches his or her state of illness, as dictated by the Law of Similars: a substance that acts similarly to a disease will cure that disease.
Homeopathy is recommended because it treats, especially the chronic diseases, at a deeper level giving lasting relief as compared to the conventional medicines which gives temporary relief in most chronic diseases.
Homeopathy is relatively slow to act many times, if not always, as compared to chemical based convention medicines.

Why Homoeopathy

  • Homeopathy is Proven Medicine.
  • Homeopathy Non-Toxic No Side Effects.
  • Homeopathy Uses Minimal Dose.


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