About Medicure

Medicure homeopathy clinic established in 2012 by the guidance of Dr . prafull vijayak ( founder of PREDICTIVE HOMEOPATHY) and Dr .Prafull Borkar

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring homoeopathy close to mainstream medicine by research, scientific appliocation and practice. To conduct highest order or ethics and conscience to conduct medical practice.

Our mission is to spread homoeopathy and gives benifite to as many people in the world.

We are making our clinic eco-friendly and paper-less operations and use of technology for record keeping and easily accessibility for the patient.

  • To treat the pat8inet form their root core of the disese
  • To relive the patient form incurable diseses where conventional system of medicjne has not muchg to offer
  • To improve patient not only form physical aspect but also the mental health is also important

Why Homoeopathy

  • Homeopathy is Proven Medicine.
  • Homeopathy Non-Toxic No Side Effects.
  • Homeopathy Uses Minimal Dose.


Clinic Address

MediCure Homoeopathy clinic

sharva-mangal housing society
Building number- 15, shop no- "1"
Tilak nagar,Chembur,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400089