About Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is discovered by Master Dr. Samuel Hahnemann; a German physician, 200 years ago. This system of medicine is accepted worldwide. Founded upon natural law

He looked for a way to reduce the damaging side-effect associated with medical treatment, homoeopathy offers a life of service to humanity and it is the only method of healing that surely sets the sick man and sick women on the permanent road of recovery.

Homoeopathy stands out distinct as compared to other system of medicine by its fundamental law and principal towards treating men as a whole. Homoeopathy considered men as a whole. It treats men as disease not disease as men. The very foundation of homeopathic practice considers man not only as an individual, but as a complete unit in himself, of which all his parts comprise a well balanced whole. Homoeopathy therefore does not consider any one part as being ill, but consider the manifestation of illness in one part in its relation to the whole man.

Homeopathic medicines goes further than this, for homeopathy seeks to relieve the individual as much as possible from the heavy burden of the hereditary tendencies he carries, and to guard against increasing this load but by enabling his vital energy to provide its own immunity against diseases . The action of the medicine is much safer, deeper acting, faster and results much longer lasting by increasing the immune system of the human body.

Why Homoeopathy

  • Homeopathy is Proven Medicine.
  • Homeopathy Non-Toxic No Side Effects.
  • Homeopathy Uses Minimal Dose.


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